Old craft clutter, crinkly photo album, and a cookbook

I recycled a bunch of catalogs that have come into the house since winter.

I went through a bag of old candlewicking stuff that I've had for years. I can't see myself doing candlewicking again, so I recycled the well-used pattern books, threw away one needle that had rusted into a partially-completed candlewicking project, saved the embroidery hoops, fabric, and candlewicking thread to use in another project, or else I'll end up giving that away too.

Threw away the age-yellowed pages out of an old photo album from the 90s. I'll probably keep the photos in a storage box now. I like those better. I don't even buy special photo boxes; I just use a clear plastic shoe box for them.

Threw away one worn, giant gift bag that I had gift wrap and bows stored in. I purged any odd or ugly pieces of gift wrap, thinned out the bows and ribbon, and got it all down to fitting into a smaller bag that I keep in the coat closet.

Recycled one old cookbook.

(Image courtesy of Premier Packaging on Flickr)

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