Clown-orange lipstick and old blush compact

I had a few minutes today, so I decided to declutter one of my bureau drawers.

There's not a lot of excess in there, but I managed to find a partial tube of coverup cream, an old blush compact that I never use any more, and a new tube of lipstick I bought from Avon, but it's a hideous color. Clown orange is what I feel like each time I try it, then I wipe it off. Out it goes.

There was also a new mirror-in-a-compact that had been given to me for Christmas, but it was made in China, and broke when I opened it, so it's in the trash now too. One pair of worn-out jeans will be cut up for mending patches.

Image: JillOW on Flickr

Image credit: JillOW

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