Featured decluttering blog: 365 Less Things

Whether you're new to decluttering, or have kept a decluttered home for years, you'll enjoy 365 Less Things

Colleen from 365 Less Things

Colleen started her blog as a year-long decluttering project, decluttering one item each day. She has recently completed her 365 days of decluttering, and has decided to continue blogging, in response to her readers that would have missed the wonderful decluttering suggestions and tips she offers.

Over the past year Cindy has been guest-posting for Colleen, and now writes a regular weekly post of her own at 365 Less Things.

Colleen has built a nice community around her blog, and readers are now beginning to share the results of their own decluttering projects that started when they received help and encouragement after reading Colleen's blog.

Another nice thing I've noticed is that Colleen is very warm and friendly, and takes time to answer each comment. That's something that's not always continued once a blog has established a following. It's refreshing to meet a blogger that remains accessible like that, and I enjoy my daily visits to 365 Less Things.

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