Class of 1974: Decluttering graduation memorabilia

Today I'm going through my box of graduation memorabilia.

I know for sure that I'm tossing the hot pink satin ribbon that was wrapped around the roses my family gave me at graduation; the long-past dried up remnants of my graduation corsage (also with hot pink satin ribbon); remnants of the corsage and boutonierre my date and I wore to my senior prom; and one corsage or boutonierre I have no idea where it came from.

Also got rid of the white satin National Honor Society sash I wore with my graduation gown, and recycled a graduation card.

Also tossed an empty photo album.


  1. Where do you stand on year books? I still have mine but I often wonder why. :)

  2. I debated on the year books, then decided that I'd keep them for now, because every once in awhile we like to look up somebody we went to school with.

    I never moved away from the town where I went to high school, so I still see a lot of these people around town.

  3. My husband, Squirrel, kept the napkin from his graduation dinner in 1986. And now I've kept it because I planned to blog about it. I think I'll go throw it out now!

  4. I was amazed that my roses hadn't dried to a complete powder by the time I discarded them.

    What was the condition of your husband's napkin after all that time?


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