Decluttering the big freezer

It looks like our Indian Summer has passed. We've had quite a stretch of it, so we certainly can't complain. Today it really feels like November. Temperatures are in the low 40s, but it's kind of windy, so it feels quite a bit colder.

It would be a good day for a pot of homemade soup, but since I'm not inclined to make any, I'll do some decluttering instead.

Out the door today:
-1 flat screen computer monitor, to be recycled

From the recesses of the big freezer:
-package of string beans from 2007, some freezer-burned chicken, one serving of frozen squash, several portions of homemade turkey stock (just never seem to use that), and several freezer bags' worth of tomatoes I froze in 2008. Those might still be okay, but I don't want to take the risk. I do hate to waste good food though.

Note to self: poke around in the bottom of the big freezer a little more often, to see what's been forgotten.

Photo courtesy of "bgblogging" on Flickr

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  1. So glad I'm not the only one who declutters instead of making soup. Some good finds in the freezer!


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