New-to-me blog: Minimalist In The Making

I found a new-to-me blog the other day, and it's excellent, Minimalist In The Making .
Martha tells the story of what brought her to minimalism, decluttering, etc. here, and I can relate.

I was also raised by parents who saved everything. I'm also married to a man who likes to collect most everything, but who hates to part with most anything.

Right now we're also sharing our home with three family members and their pets, who, in an emergency, needed a place to stay.

Having all of us sharing the space in a small home means that I'm constantly trying to find more things that I can get rid of, just so I don't feel too "closed in" by everybody's stuff.

Anyway, if you haven't read it yet, visit Martha's blog. I sat and read all the way back through it to the beginning, and enjoyed it.

Now, back to the yard work. It's 63 degrees here in Vermont today, very unusual for the end of November, and we're all taking advantage of it because the snow and cold won't be too far behind.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I am definitely enjoying your blog too!


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