Some uses for fabric scraps

I'm looking for some uses for fabric scraps, I really only have one now but they're piling up and I don't want to throw them out. I use them for testing stitches when I sew, but that's it. Any ideas?

Joanna asked yesterday if I knew of any way to use extra fabric scraps. Yes! I've been cutting fabric scraps into little squares lately, because I want to make some scrappy pillows. They'd be good for pot holders, sachets, pincushions, and a quilt--which I'd like to make, but probably won't get to for awhile.

I've been making mixed media Artist Trading Cards for several years, and just this month have started using fabric scraps to make ATCs too. I use random shapes and tiny scraps in a sort of "crazy quilt" pattern on a base of recycled denim from jeans we don't wear any more.  Making these is a fun way to relax and keep my hands busy in the evenings.

Here are two fabric ATCs that I've made this week, as an example. People trade these on Flickr, and in other art groups.This is fabric that otherwise might have been thrown away. (That reminds me--some people also sew fabric postcards, simply stitching random fabric scraps on card stock. I might make some of those too, when I get a chance.)

I hope these ideas give you some sort of a starting point. Maybe somebody else will add more.

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  1. oooh, great ideas! I didn't really consider making a small-scrap quilt before. Sounds like a good challenge!


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