Books to recycle

What a gorgeous early spring day! It's in the fifties with lots of sunshine. We are not complaining here, that's for sure.

My husband got these three books from the book recycling bin at our town's recycling center. He always keeps an eye out for me for books that I can use for collage or altered books. I might have been able to use the dog book from the Thirties, but it was musty smelling. The other two weren't anything I would use either, so we'll bring all three of them back to the book bin when we go.

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  1. I am thrilled that you recycle books! I'm a librarian and a lot of people in my field think it's sacreligious to recycle books, even if they're totally out of date and more or less useless. I say, no point into hanging on to something that won't be useful to anyone. go you!


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