Friday decluttering

Barring any late-season Nor'Easters, it looks like spring has come early to Vermont. Yesterday the high was 61 degrees, unusual for the first part of March here. Today isn't quite as warm, but it's sunny, and we're enjoying it. Makes me really want to get going on spring cleaning and decluttering.

 I bought this bird feeder last year to go on our deck railing. It was fun to watch the birds come so close all summer and fall while we were sitting out, but the squirrels kept jumping into the dish, dumping all the seed, and every time it rained, the dish became a sloppy mixture of birdseed and water. I'm going to send this to the Re-Use Shack at the recycling center, in case someone else has a better spot to use it.

My husband's t-shirt got hopelessly stained with grease or something, so he's going to let me cut it up for cleaning rags. It's hard getting him to part with any of his t-shirts. ;-)

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  1. Fairy from Organised Castle3/12/2012 6:26 AM

    I am letting go of a bird feeder for the same reason - bird seed and water don't go together. I have listed it on Freecycle and have a taker so off it goes. We don't have squirrels though!


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