He fell through the lawn chair...

What a weekend! We had record-breaking heat here in Vermont. Temperatures got up into the high 70s, and it felt like more of an early summer day than an early spring day.

Nobody wanted to be inside. Some of the yard work we did this weekend, we usually aren't even able to START before the middle of April or later.

At our town's waste disposal and recycling center, there is a building known as the Re-Use Shack, where anybody can put items in that still have use, and anybody is welcome to take out anything they can use. My husband checks out the Re-Use Shack whenever he goes to the recycling center, and he often finds something that we can use.

He brought home three lawn chairs from there the other day (see photo above) that he thought would be good out on the deck. They were good out there--until--Oops! he sat down and went through the bottom of one yesterday, due to it being a lot more worn out than he thought.

The chairs *could* be repaired, but since I know I won't get to it, and hubby certainly won't either, they went back to the recycling center today.

This old fan got decluttered today... did this old, worn out couch, which was left behind when the family members that shared our house moved out last month.

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