What good is it if you can't wear it now?

Around here, both my husband and I are always trying to take off some pounds. We experience varying degrees of success at this, and over the years, have both wound up with several different clothing sizes in our closets.

After awhile, the clothes on hand really start to add up, and the closets get crowded. I'm getting tired of storing clothes that I'm "waiting to fit into". Besides, what good is clothing that can't be worn now?

There are some clothes that I'm not quite ready to get rid of yet, but some of them can go now.

Just quickly looking through my closet a few minutes ago, I found 3 long-sleeved knit shirts that I never wear because they're too tight for my comfort, and the sleeves are WAY too long on them. The few times I wore any of them, I was constantly pulling or tugging at them. They'll go to the thrift shop.

Another item for the thrift shop: a pretty light purple spring jacket with pink piping around the collar. I tried it on again-still didn't fit right. Then I noticed it was a MAN'S jacket. No wonder it didn't fit me right.

There was a t-shirt in my closet that had belonged to my father that my mother gave me after he died last year. At the time, I wondered why my mother didn't just cut up the t-shirt for cleaning cloths, but I didn't say anything, and just took the shirt home with me. 

My father was a practical, frugal man. I don't think he'd be at all offended to know that I cut up his t-shirt for cleaning cloths now.

Also going: 1 pair of old black denim jeans that I've patched, patched, and patched again.

While we're at it, here's an old bike frame my husband contributed to the decluttering efforts this week. It will be recycled with metal scrap.

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