Clearing a bookshelf

As several other bloggers have mentioned, what is so sacred about books that we keep them on our bookshelves for years on end, no matter how yellowed the pages might be, or how tiny the print--or how outdated the books themselves might be?

I'm looking at our books with a fresh eye. I want to thin out the ones we most likely won't read again, the paperbacks that practically fall apart when touched, the books that we'd now need glasses and a magnifying glass to try to read.

I just sorted through the bookcase in our bedroom, and found 24 books that we were ready to let go this time around. Some will go to the library for their ongoing book sale. The ones that aren't in excellent condition any more will be recycled.

I also found a folder of songs and a couple of old bulletins from our old church, as well as a folder of notes and instructions my husband had saved from a previous hospital stay. These all went into the recycling bin.

My husband's contribution to the decluttering efforts today: one pair of old work boots, and an old pair of sneakers. Old shoes, as well as clothing and fabrics, are accepted for recycling at our town's recycling center.

Edited to add more items that are going: 1 bathrobe, and my favorite blouse from the 90s--white with black trim, sailor style.

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