Disgusting flavored energy drink powder

This is an example of buying the wrong thing, but keeping it around because you think you will use it, but you never do, so you finally get around to getting rid of it.

We like the Super C Energy powder, and I bought this store brand one day thinking it should taste pretty much the same as Super C. It did not. It was so bad neither of us could stand the taste. We used one package, then the rest of the box sat in the cupboard for a few months.

I finally bit the bullet and (wasted it) threw it away.

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  1. i feel your pain on this one. my dietician keeps telling me that it's okay to waste food on occasion. She says it goes from being an issue of waste to w-a-i-s-t. How much food can your body hold and still be comfortable? Anything beyond that is the true waste. How many unused boxes can your cabinets hold and not drive you crazy? Anything beyond that is the true waste. Now, if I could just internalize that idea I'd be fine! Good luck with continuing to empty your pantry.


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