My husband is slowly joining in

Since I last wrote, we've been decluttering and sprucing things up like crazy, both indoors and out. I didn't bother taking photos or making a list of what we got rid of, but it was a lot.

One of the best items that left our house was the living room couch. It was a good couch, but was too soft and hard to get out of for "older bodies", so our grandsons moved it out to the new "man room" B is making out in his shop. It'll get plenty of use out there, and I'm loving how little we now have in our living room.

Some of the other things we got rid of this week were a pile of old books that I decided wouldn't be used in my artwork...a couple of coats...some thick boot liners...a rolling insulated cooler that was barely used...a pair of B's dress shoes...Those were just a few of the items from the house that went. B got rid of some things from his shop too.

What's amazing me is that B is finally starting to join me in decluttering. I love to declutter, and have gotten rid of unused things regularly for many years now, but B has always had a difficult time letting things go. I don't know if my constant nagging encouraging has finally sunk in or what, but it's a lot easier to thin things out when there are two people willing to get rid of stuff. :)

We had a strange winter here in Vermont, with very little snow, and warmer than usual temperatures. Here's a photo of some of our azaleas that were in full bloom yesterday, about two weeks early. Unfortunately, we had a hard freeze last night, and the cold caused all of the blossoms that were so pretty yesterday to be on the ground today.


  1. Hello

    What a pretty coloured azalea. Such a shame that the crazy weather put an end to the lovely blossoms.

    On another note, we are heading to the USA in August/September and more specifically New England, including Vermont. I have gleaned from looking at some of the weather sites that we could strike a wide range from minus temps to well over 100F. This is going to be a challenge but with my Project 333 hat on, I am working on travelling quite light. Any tips would be great.

  2. Yay! So glad B is joining in. Getting rid of furniture can be so fun...if you have someone to carry it for you, that is. Before we move I'm putting a sofa and a chair on craigslist for free. That usually brings out people willing to do some heavy lifting. Well done with the decluttering!


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