Decluttering digital photos

I'm one of those people who has always kept just about EVERY digital photo I've taken. I don't know why I've done this, but after reading a post from Colleen at 365 Less Things, I figured I should take a gander at my photo files and see what I could get rid of.

It turns out that I have a LOT of digital photos that can be thinned out. When you only have a few hundred photos, it's quite easy to work around them, but once your files get filled with THOUSANDS of photos, it's a pain in the neck, so I'm thinning them out.

Decluttering digital photos is a boring task, so I cleared out a bunch yesterday, and will do some more as I go along.


  1. Thanks for the reminder about photos. The only photos I have thinned out and have well organised are from various holidays because I make myself do it during and immediately after the trip.

    A few months ago I scanned and digitised all of my printed photos (mostly of my girls when they were children) and now I need to sort those into some sort of order as well.

  2. Great reminder about digital photos. I actually like going through the photos on the computer and deleting the bad ones. I find it harder to go through our old printed albums though and take out photos. I think this is because it seems a bit harder to throw hard copy photos away, and also because I'll be making gaps in my albums and I'll have to re-sort the whole lot!


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