Do you waste time looking for things you've misplaced?

My husband has been looking for a certain small battery charger for the last half-hour, and he's becoming more frustrated with each passing minute. I didn't see him with it in his hand the last time he used it, so I don't have any idea where he put it.

I do know that he's never assigned a "home" to it, so it could be most anywhere.

One of the first things I learned when I started decluttering many years ago was to always have a designated place for everything, and to make sure to put everything back in its place when you had finished using it. This simple principle has made my life a lot smoother and easier over the years, because I rarely have to look for something that I've misplaced.

A lot of times I'm able to help my husband find whatever he's misplaced, but when I can't, it's frustrating for both of us. He's frustrated because he can't find something, and I'm frustrated because I'm watching him run around, frantically searching for whatever it is he can't find.

Of course we're both wired differently, so some of the principles of decluttering I find easy to practice, don't necessarily work for him. He tells me it's not helpful when I remind him to make a place for everything, then put everything in its place, so I have to remind myself to zip my lip about it when he loses something.

Do you find yourself frustrated, wasting time looking for things that have been misplaced?

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  1. Yes, sadly, I do, which is exasperating since I consider myself to be a minimalist wannabe.

    I don't usually have a hard time finding things I use everyday, like keys, but it's more often something I haven't used for more than a year, like say the garage sale tags we used last year. Or the cord for my digital camera. Argh. I usually *think* I have a home for these things, but by the time I need them again I can't remember where that was.

  2. and I feel even worse when I spend a ton of time looking for something, give up, go buy a replacement, and then find what I was looking for 10 minutes after I get back.

    Even if I owned only 100 things, i bet I would still lose stuff. My memory is like a sieve and I can never 1.) remember where I put stuff 2.) remember where it was supposed to go in the first place.


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