Friday decluttering

Lots of decluttering going on here today, both in the house and in the yard.

Leaving from the house are 1 small kitchen rug; 1 mop with new refill; 1 set of windchimes; several skirts (will return to my sister who gave them to me); 1 old bathrobe; 2 large picture frames (took photos out to store in my photo box instead); 1 box of chocolate alligators that was a humorous souvenir from when my daughter and her family went to Florida. (I had saved them for three years, and the chocolate looks a little strange now. If hubby won't eat them, I'll throw them away. He's a more daring food-tester than I am.)

From the yard hubby took a load of old wire fencing that we took from around our garden. We're moving the garden to a new area, so don't need the fencing any more.

Some misc. wood scraps, brush, and tree branches got burned.

All in all, not a bad day in the clearing-out department.

We're supposed to have summer-like temperatures and lots of sun here this weekend, so we're looking forward to that.

Hope you enjoy your weekend too!

Seedlings aching to be planted outside

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