Thursday decluttering

Today I'm getting rid of a brass teddy bear welcome sign, and a turn-on knob for a lamp that we don't even have any more.

Also out the door, a shirt my grandson's cousin left here that he didn't want.

Other items decluttered from outside or in my husband's shop:
-5 plastic lawn chairs
-some scrap metal from husband's shop
-an easel/blackboard that used to be used to advertise a lawn sale
-some old insulation
-a stack of plastic in/out trays

This isn't decluttering per se, but I took four clear glass dishes out of our regular cupboard. They were much too large to be used for normal servings of anything, and they were in the way, so I took them out and put them under some of my house plants. Now I'm not reaching around them every time I go to reach for our "regular" bowls.


  1. I do the same with unused baking dishes. I have a glass loaf pan and a couple of casserole dishes serving as drip trays for plants and starts right now. =)

  2. Sure beats buying something new to use underneath, doesn't it?


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