T-shirts and overalls

So far, our heatwave has lasted for six days. It was supposed to cool off quite a bit last night, but didn't. I think the "powerful thunderstorms" they were warning about went around us. It might be a couple of degrees less hot today, but the humidity is still high.

At least it's bearable enough to do some work inside the house today. (Very few of us here in Vermont have full-house air conditioning systems.) Time to catch up from what we DIDN'T do over the stifling hot, muggy weekend. We couldn't stand being in the house for any longer than we had to.

So far today we've gotten rid of one very old, very well-worn pair of my hubby's overalls. A friend of ours was looking for a pair so he could make a scarecrow.

Hubby's also parting with a half-dozen old t-shirts, which I'll cut up into grease rags he can use in his shop.

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