Cleaning out the computer supplies drawer

I was looking for a printer installation CD yesterday, and figured, as long as I was pawing through the deep desk drawer where I keep all my computer-related supplies, I might as well declutter it.

As you can see by the stack of floppy discs, I don't dig to the bottom of this drawer very often! 

I also got rid of a metal hanging file folder rack and three mousepads from the same drawer, along with all the stuff you see pictured.

The only thing I'm having a hard time figuring out is which cable cords to get rid of. Why pay thirty dollars for a new cord if you have one on hand? I don't know which ones to save, so I save them all, but I'd really rather thin them out.

Which computer cords and cables do you get rid of?

Who on earth has FLOPPY DISCS these days?!?

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