Friday decluttering

It's been hot again, and when it's hot, things have a way of being set down "wherever" sometimes, while we wait for cooler weather to deal with them.

That's what I'm doing today.

It's a little cooler, and we're receiving some much-needed rain right now, so I'm going to freeze a pile of tomatoes that we picked from our garden this week.

I'm also going to declutter a few items as I run across them.

So far today I've tossed a handful of birthday and anniversary cards into the recycling, along with the tissue paper and ribbon that were wrapped around the flowers my daughter gave me.

Several newspapers that I was saving to make paper mache with got recycled too, because I decided I'm not in the mood for doing paper mache.

A box of blank greeting cards that my husband brought home from the re-use shack at the recycling center will now head to the thrift shop, along with a couple of books that I was going to use for collage, but changed my mind.

Hot air balloon on summer evening

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