Looking forward to fall and more decluttering

For just about everybody in the United States, it's been a brutally hot, dry summer. It's been very hot and dry here in Vermont too.

Between being extra busy with life in general this summer, and the extreme heat, the only decluttering that's been going on here has been the occasional stray item that I've sent on its merry way.

Right around this time of year, we usually start getting our first hints that Fall isn't too far away. The nights get a bit cooler; there's more dew on the grass in the mornings; we get a day that's not so humid here and there; and when we're out on the road, we'll start seeing the faintest hints of color starting in some of the leaves.

I've been feeling very "closed in" lately, which is always a sign that there's too much stuff around me, and some of it needs to go, so as soon as it gets cool enough, I'll be doing another round of decluttering.

I'm saying this as a person who stays quite decluttered all the time anyway, but every so often, it just feels like there's "too much" stuff in our small house. Clutter feels very chaotic to me, and I don't function well in it. Maybe that's why I enjoy decluttering so much.

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