We have to be patient with messie mates, even if it kills us

Do you live with a messie mate? If you do, you know how hard it is to be patient with the timetable that they work on sometimes.

If you live with a messie mate, you'll discover that clutter doesn't bother them, and if it does, it probably takes them a lot longer to declutter an area than it does you.

From years of experience, I can tell you that impatience doesn't get an area decluttered any faster. If anything, it causes the messie mate to dig in his heels and not pay attention to the mess at all.

I've had to learn to be patient with my messie mate--and I'm not perfect at it, but much better than I was, and he's coming around, slowly.

Even though it's a strong temptation to NAG our messie mates to get things sorted out, it doesn't work. We must be PATIENT and wait for them to take action, even if it kills us.

Today I'm getting rid of a revolving art supplies holder that would take up more space on my desk than I'm willing to give it. I'll take it to the thrift shop.

Item #2 out the door is a cooling mat I sewed for our pug this summer, but she didn't want anything to do with it, so the cats laid all over it and got it impossibly full of fur. Into the trash with that.

One of the furry culprits

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