We got up to an extremely breezy day yesterday. It was so windy that it lifted our glass patio table top right off its base. I'm surprised it didn't break.

It had been hot and muggy all week long, and before a cold front came through early yesterday evening, our whole state had been placed under a tornado watch. A friend's daughter took a couple of photos of what she said were waterspouts over Lake Champlain. I didn't see them, so I don't know, but I haven't heard any reports of actual tornadoes in our area from yesterday.

We ended up getting a strong thunderstorm here, with sheets of rain being blown sideways, but it lasted just a few minutes.

Today it's finally a little cooler, in the 60s. Makes me feel like doing some Fall cleaning--and baking.

I've decluttered a plant and a sheet today.

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