A load of metal scrap and a t-shirt

Well, it seems that Fall is really here--I had to turn on the heat today. Here in Vermont it's sort of a badge of honor to see how far into the season we can go without turning on the heat. Usually we can count on at least a few snow flurries before the end of October, so we don't get all that far into the season without heat. I only turned it on today because our little pug was shivering.

On the decluttering front, Hubby has been clearing out like crazy this week, opening up lots of space in his shop and out in our backyard. Today a pickup truck load of metal scrap went out of here. 

I've been working on another writing project this week, which has taken up most of the week, so all I have to show for decluttering in the house t-shirt. ;-)

That will be cut into rags for Hubby to use in his shop.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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