Decluttering on a cool Monday

There's a touch of Fall in the air today! It's just 55 degrees right now, my kind of weather.

When it starts to get cooler outside, it makes me want to start catching up on all those things it was too hot to do this summer.

Even though I grew up on a farm, and have always worked in the gardens and greenhouses, I didn't inherit the natural green thumb that some members of my family have.

Though I love having plants in my house, they don't always thrive under my care.

I'm getting tired of looking at some of the bedraggled specimans in here, and am decluttering them--putting them out on the compost pile.

Here's the plant that I decluttered today:

I had set it out on the deck for awhile this summer, thinking that would help it revive, but one of our cats decided the leaves made nice play toys and things to shred, so it looks pathetic. I can always get more lush plants from my sister, who DID inherit the green thumb.

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