I love Fall

Fall is my favorite season. After the long, too-hot summer, Fall makes me want to declutter and "fluff my nest" for winter.

Hubby took a trailer full of items to a big swap meet this weekend, and came back with less than half of what he left with, so that was some good decluttering on his part. More space in his shop, and some extra dollars in his pocket. It was a good weekend.

Yesterday he got rid of a stack of roofing tin sheets that have sat here for years. He gave them to a guy that's going to use them to build a pen for his pigs.

Today Hubby is getting rid of a length of heavy chain, a "creeper" that goes under cars, and he has a couple of boxes full of things to take to the thrift shop. He's on a roll.

Around the house this weekend I got rid of a bunch of catalogs that came in the mail this summer; some old collage fodder that I'm tired of looking at; along with this...

Our grandchildren have outgrown this

...and these...
Gave these to my daughter

...and these...
Found when I cleaned a kitchen drawer
Yesterday we saw two big V's of geese flying over our house, so Fall is really here, and winter won't be far behind.

Have a great decluttering day!

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  1. Congrats on the Hubby working so diligently! I'm trying to get mine there...


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