Gorgeous October Saturday

So far, we're having another warm Fall in Vermont. It rained most of the day yesterday, but today is sunny and gorgeous. Our foliage is nearly all past peak now, and the trees are starting to drop lots of leaves.

We still have plenty of outdoor projects to tend to before winter sets in, but it's been slow going this week because we took care of sick grandchildren last weekend, and Hubby and I both caught a little of whatever the kids had. I had a sore throat and no energy for a couple of days, so wasn't too bad. (Mothers and grandmothers always have to stay on their feet, right, to take care of everybody else?) Hubby had what seemed like a bad cold for a few days, but he's on the mend now too, thankfully.

Oh, and did I mention that we felt TWO earthquakes in one week this week? It was several years ago when I first felt an earthquake, and it seems like we're experiencing them more often. I wouldn't want to live in California because I hate earthquakes.

Between being away overnight for my daughter's wedding, taking care of our grandchildren here for a few days, then not feeling too energetic ourselves, not much decluttering got done, but I did find a couple of things to get rid of:

A stack of cloth napkins that were never used. Those will go to the thrift shop.

Burned this candle once, and didn't care for its scent, so out it goes too.

It is now 70 degrees here. :-)       Hope you're all enjoying your Saturday!

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