Misc. decluttering

-children's animal flash cards (grandchildren outgrew)
-chipboard pieces
-several magazines went into the recycling
-1 book about large ladies
-1 very old French lesson book
-1 very old geography reader
-1 very old history book
-2 very old Vermont history books
-1 very old book about Vermont and wars

Many of the items above had been saved for art projects, but I'm getting tired of looking at them, and I don't know when I'll do something with them, so out they go.

-3 t-shirts, brand new, will go to one of my sisters because they don't fit me

-1 Ben & Jerry's bowl
-1 old calendar from local florist
-1 shoebox full of tags

Most of this came from my art area, so that made a good dent in it.


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