Not feeding the birds

In this bad economy, with the prices of everything rising sky-high and the need to cut costs wherever we can, I made the decision this spring to stop feeding the birds.

I really enjoy feeding the birds, and have done it for years, but here the squirrels tend to get a lot more of the seed than the birds do, and in a season they can go through a lot of it.

With steep increases in the cost of food for our cats and dog, I could no longer justify the expense of buying wild bird seed too.

I'll miss seeing all the birds, and the squirrels too, coming to our feeders, but I know that they'll survive without my help, and taking away that expense will help our budget.

Today I'm sending the largest bird feeder over to the re-use shack at our town's recycling center so that somebody else can use it.

I'll miss feeding these guys.


  1. For fear of sounding incredibly sketchy, is there an email address where I could contact you? I have some gerbil food that's really just birdseed (small round seeds, sunflower seeds, and corn) that isn't appropriate for our gerbs. I'm either going to freecycle it but I can send you a picture and if you like it I'm happy to mail the bag to you for free. I just need it gone!

    myparentsarehoarders (at)

  2. Hi, Joanna...How kind of you to offer the seed to me--thank you--but I'm really okay with not feeding the birds right now.

    It would be nice if you Freecycled the seed, so somebody near you could take advantage of it.

    Thank you again for your kind offer. :)


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