Preparing for Hurricane Sandy "Frankenstorm"

Sky early in the morning before Hurricane Sandy

I started this entry yesterday, October 29, the day we expected Sandy to hit. There was no decluttering going on at our house because we spent the weekend getting ready for the storm. As you can see, I didn't update after yesterday afternoon because, mercifully and thankfully, nothing much happened here where I live. There's some flooding and power outages in Vermont, mostly at the southern end of the state, but from what I've heard so far, it hasn't been devastating. We were spared this time, and my heart goes out to those who bore the brunt of the storm, and who are suffering its after-effects today.

I live in Vermont, and our area is expecting very high winds and some rain. Very high winds should be starting any time now, and will slowly diminish through tomorrow.

I spent the weekend getting prepared. I refilled our water storage bottles; made sure our laundry was all done; made several things to put into the freezer, such as cornbread, brownies, etc.; popped a big bowl of popcorn to have for snacks; picked up and put away stray things in the yard that could get blown around.

Right now I'm going to prepare a big pot of something that we can eat for several suppers, and make sure the dishes are washed.

Hubby has gone out to top off our car's gas tank, just in case. Cell phone is charged. We have plenty of candles, matches, and kerosene lamps, along with some flashlights and a hand-crank radio. I think we're about as ready as we can be, but we'll see.

Monday 10/29/2012 7am
A little while ago the sky was all pink, and there was an interesting cloud formation. I took photos, and will add them here if they come out.

It's the calm before the storm because there is no breeze at all. Everything is still. There's not even a rustle in the trees.

Most of the leaves have already fallen, which is a good thing. Maybe we won't lose quite as many trees during the high winds.

Our local forecasts say that the winds should start around 11:00am this morning, and increase through the afternoon and evening, with the worst of it during the night. So far it's still quiet, and I'm just tending to some last minute things while we have power.

The wind is just barely starting now, and there are a few sprinkles, so our local weather people were pretty close in estimating when the wind would start.

The sun just came out! You'd never know there's a very nasty storm on the way. It really must be the calm before the storm.

The afternoon has been warm (in the 60s) and mostly sunny, but the wind is starting to pick up a little now, and I noticed that the clouds are going in the opposite direction than they were this morning.

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