Who brings this stuff in here anyway?

After a warm and sunny day yesterday, in the 70s, we have a steady-rain Saturday, and it's much cooler, only in the low 50s.

I hadn't decluttered the cupboard under my hutch for awhile, so I took a look to see if there was anything I could declutter and post about today. There was.

I found this:

And this:

Who brings this stuff in here anyway? (Answer: In our house, it's usually Hubby, and lots of times, I don't even know it's in here.)

I don't know what that little light is for, but it's out of here. The second item is a tart press. It's got a whole list of things on the instruction sheet that can be made with it, but since I didn't even know we had it, I've never used it, and don't intend to. It'll go to the thrift shop too.

Hubby brought this magazine in from his shop and gave it to me for "collage fodder", but it smelled musty (no wonder--it's from 1995), so I tossed it into the recycling bin.

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