Woke up to snow this morning

We went from so warm we didn't need coats on Thanksgiving, to waking up to a couple inches or so of snow this morning. The last couple of days the temperatures have been raw, and the winds biting. Today is sunny and fairly warm, only twenty-nine degrees at three p.m., but it feels warmer than it was this weekend.

We went to my sister's house for Thanksgiving, and didn't bring home leftovers, so I cooked a turkey for Hubby today. The house really smells good.

We are down to one cat now, the orange tiger we took in this spring. He's very playful, so I filled an old sock with catnip for him and he was quite happy with it. Since it's sunny today, he's spent most of the day going in and out, sunning himself on the deck.

It's an at-home day today. I've been doing lots of puttering around, taking care of little tasks inside. No decluttering today, just daily housecleaning.


  1. sounds lovely. I'm very jealous of your snow!

  2. I'd love to share some with you! We usually end up with more than enough for everybody, hee hee.


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