Tallying the clutter items

For 2013, I think I'm going to try something different. Though I already live a pretty decluttered life, and have for years, our house is due for another complete going-through, and I think I'm going to try tallying up the items as I get rid of them.

As Colleen at 365 Less Things talks about, the more you declutter and simplify your life, the harder it gets to find stuff to declutter--but every time you take another pass through your home, you WILL find *something* that can go.

I'd love to find out how many more things I can find to declutter here. I'm talking about the house only, not hubby's shop--that's another thing entirely. I could probably declutter out there for quite awhile, but that's his space, not mine, so I do my best not to point out the items that *I* think could go from there. ;-)

Since tomorrow is New Year's Eve, that's close enough to the new year for me, so here are my first items to start the tally:

  • 2 pillowcases (will recycle in our town's fabric recycling bin)
  • 1 dead motorized tie rack
  • 1 picture frame
  • 1 book
  • 1 taffeta storage bag
  • 3 (will count as 1) clay figures my grandchildren made that are completely dried up
  • 1 camera pouch
      Total: 8 items

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