After a very nice week of January thaw, we're now expecting several days where the high temperature will be around zero. That's the high temperature, not the low. We were spoiled with a very warm winter last year, and this year is more like old-fashioned Vermont winter weather.

We're "hibernating" around here. Like just about everywhere in our country right now, the flu is rampant here too, and we're trying to be out in public as little as possible until it dies down some.

Good time to work on some indoor projects. I have one item to add to my decluttering tally for 2013, this dried flower wreath. I'm just tired of looking at it. Hubby took it to the re-use shack for me, in case somebody else can use it.

Declutter tally: now 15 items

Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend. :)

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