"Nemo" and fabric decluttering

Made it through "Nemo" unscathed. Actually, where we live the storm didn't hit us as hard as it could have. We got off easy, compared to those in southern New England. We got only around a foot of snow, and didn't have any power outages that I heard about. I've lived in Vermont all my life, and we've had worse winter storms here.

On the decluttering front, Hubby came home with a box of free fabric. I washed and folded it all, saved a couple of small pieces that I hope to use myself, and will give the rest of it to my sister, who makes and donates hundreds of catnip mice to a couple of humane societies in our area every year. She's going to be able to make a ton of catnip mice out of all this fabric!

There was also a small handmade quilt top in the box of fabric. We'll take that over to the thrift shop.

Some of the free fabric that will be made into catnip mice. 

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