Weekend decluttering

What a gorgeous early-spring day it is here today! The sun is shining; temperatures in the 40s; and lots of snow is melting. I like it.

Here are some of the things I'm getting rid of this weekend:

-pads of Post-It notes that are too big. Hubby got them free somewhere, but I'll never use them.

-pad of air mail paper. That's one thing I KNOW will never get used.

-well over half of the address labels that have collected in the desk drawer. Does anybody really mail enough stuff these days to ever use those all up?

-several greeting cards that I'll never use

-pair of sunglasses that one stem had broken off. I thought I might be able to fix them, but I wasn't.

-some misc. papers that had been on the desk, just odd notes and such that aren't needed anymore.

Hope you're all enjoying your Saturday.

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