A bit of decluttering

Family members will be joining us here for a Mother's Day cookout tomorrow, so while I get things ready for that, I'm also doing just a bit of decluttering.

As I was dusting the living room, I decided to get rid of an unhealthy miniature rose I had been trying to save to plant outside. It isn't doing well, and I decided to just get rid of it.

I'm also getting rid of some paper ephemera that I was going to use for collages, but I'd rather have the empty space, so it can go. Some of the magazines I keep around for art journaling will also be getting recycled.

Our lilacs just "popped" yesterday, due to all the very warm weather we've been having, and it smells so nice when you go out in the yard. I cut a bouquet of them to put on the table for tomorrow. I love that aroma.

Hope you're all enjoying a nice Saturday wherever you are too.

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