Decluttering art and craft supplies

I love to do collage and art journaling, so, as you can imagine, I've had endless amounts of PAPER in the room where I do my creative work--loads (and I mean LOADS) of magazines, old books, different types of paper, recycled cereal box chipboard...The list goes on.

For awhile now I've been too busy with other things to have much time to devote to art, and I've been feeling slightly overwhelmed with the amount of supplies that have been sitting here, unused, waiting for "the day" when I can get back to them.

As an avid declutterer, I enjoy reading decluttering blogs and watching decluttering and organizing YouTubes. Well, last night I was watching a few YouTubes, and it suddenly struck me that, no matter how much I love to create art, at this point I'd much prefer having more EMPTY SPACE around me, so I've decided to get rid of a LOT of my paper art/craft supplies.

I've had magazines on two larges shelves, with a few spilling over, and this morning I went through them and put at least one hundred magazines into bags to take to the recycling center. I didn't count them, but there's a huge stack on the table, so there might be even more than one hundred.

I have a big bag and a smaller bag of paper beads that I made that will be going to the recycling center too. Hopefully somebody else will be able to use them.

After thinning out this morning, I now have ONE shelf which contains one-half old books to use in my art, and the other half is a single stack of magazines that I'll go through one more time, at another time, to see how many more I want to recycle.

If you name most anything else, it's easy for me to declutter, but art and craft supplies are a bit of a challenge. That's because these are what Colleen at 365 Less Things calls "aspirational clutter". These are the things we hang onto because we WANT to make use of them; we WANT to do those projects, but for some reason, we haven't yet. That's when you have to decide whether you want to keep hanging onto them, or thin them out and enjoy the simple, uncluttered, empty space that's left behind. That's where I am today, and I can already feel a difference in the room just from what I've taken out of here--it's lighter, airier, more organized.

As we go along, I think I'll probably have more that can go, once I take another pass through.
Hand-rolled paper beads
Coiled magazine paper beads
Paper "slats" used to make coiled magazine paper bowls

Cup that held markers and paintbrushes

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  1. Good for you for realizing this hobby had gotten out of hand. I knit/crochet and my yarn stash tends to multiply when I'm not looking. ;-) I've gone through a few times and culled the herd. It's difficult letting go of aspirational clutter, but it's good to be more honest with ourselves.


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