And now a heatwave...

Ugh. We're on Day 5 of the heatwave that's covering a lot of the East coast. It's been extremely humid, and a lot hotter than we're used to around here.

I've heard people saying it feels like Florida.. I've never been to Florida, but this heat doesn't give me any inclination to go either.

I'm used to three feet of snow and temperatures in single-digits. Give me snow any day.

Needless to say, there's absolutely nothing happening on the decluttering front at our house this week. We're just trying to get from day to day the best we can.

Fans cranked up high, lots of iced tea, and doing as little as humanly possible. That's the order of the day here on this steaming/roasting/baking/broiling July day.

Enjoy your weekend!

Cool and refreshing!

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