We're going to need an ark pretty soon

After a bit of a dry start to spring here, the weather is making up for it. We're practically floating here after days of either steady rain, or torrential downpours. There's lots of flooding going on, and just about everybody I hear talking about it says their gardens are doing terribly this year. Cucumbers splitting from too much rain...Corn that's yellowing in the fields--and it's certainly not "knee-high by the Fourth of July" in a lot of areas.

The one good thing about it is that we haven't had a lot of high heat yet. was pretty warm and we have about a week at least of days where the "real feel" temperatures will be in the 90s, thanks to the high humidity. Remember, this is Vermont, where most of us feel that anything over 80 degrees is hard to tolerate.  (I'm sure anybody in Arizona or Nevada this week would laugh in my face if they heard me say that. I have to hand it to those people: I would never be able to handle the temperatures they do, "dry heat" or not.)

One of my sisters grows beautiful plants from seed every year, and I just picked up some this weekend. Got some marigolds in my window boxes, and planted tomatoes in our tires. Now we'll see how they do.

Stumbled across another interesting blog a couple of days ago. I've seen it before, but hadn't paid much attention to it until now. It's the Paratus Familia Blog. Check it out; you might enjoy it too.

Hubby loves hollyhocks. Just need to get them planted.

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