When it's too hot to move, but you still want to declutter a little bit

Last week's heatwave was brutal, but it ended Sunday. Phew. Now it feels like regular hot summer weather here.

I've been thinking about what we can do when it's just too hot to move, but we still want to declutter a little bit anyway.

My daughter lived down South for awhile, and she told me that people just "hibernate" inside in the air conditioning during the hottest part of the day there. In that case, people could probably handle doing any amount of decluttering they wanted to.

Here in Vermont it's a little different. Up here summer is known as "much too short", and most of us don't have our homes fully air conditioned, which means we roast all day long, even with fans going, during the really hot spells. During those times, decluttering is the last thing on our minds.

But there are some brave souls who want to soldier on with their decluttering efforts, no matter how hot it is. In this case, there are a few things they can do.

1.  Clear the desk in your home office. I'd guess that most of us don't keep our desks completely immaculate at all times. I know I don't. I always have several projects going, and I have the stacks of paper that go with them. If it's too hot, turn on a fan, sit at your desk, and do a little decluttering and tidying of what's there. You won't have to move around much at all.

2.  Catch up on your filing and/or paper shredding. Hubby and I keep a grocery bag near our shredder that we toss stuff in we want to shred. Once the bag starts to get full, we take a few minutes to shred it all, then put the paper in our compost bin. Same goes for filing--I make one small pile, then file it all at once.

3.  Declutter early in the morning.  Whether your decluttering project is big or small, take advantage of the early morning coolness (or semi-coolness anyway) to work on it. Stop once it starts getting too hot, and relax in the knowledge that you got quite a bit accomplished so early in the day.

4.  Declutter just ONE ITEM each day.  Colleen at 365 Less Things  has advised for several years now that a good way to declutter is by the slow and steady route, getting rid of just ONE ITEM each day. Do this during the summer and it won't matter how hot it is because you're not expending that much energy. You're simply going through your house, looking for that one item you can dispose of every day, then you're done for the day. Imagine how much of a dent in your clutter you'll have made by the end of summer without any extra sweating on your part.

How about you? How do you keep going with your decluttering when it's too hot to move?

Hot air balloon floating in the summer sky near our house

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