Cheese dome and blender

We've had a pretty glass cheese dome and platter set hanging around here for a few years now. I think I used the platter part of it for Christmas cookies once.

We have a brand new blender in a box that someone gave us. We haven't used it, and I doubt we will, so both those items will go to a flea market with Hubby.

That's about a foot of storage space that's clear again.


  1. What is it with cheese domes? I really wanted one for a while, but in the end it just took up a HUGE amount of space! Good for you that things can go to a flea market instead of the trash.

  2. I know--I thought it would be good to take to church potlucks, but I never did use it for that, and that's exactly why I got rid of it; I'd rather have the clear space on the shelf.


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