Decluttering on the long weekend

We got spoiled with a week or two of cooler-than-usual temperatures earlier in August, but now it's back to hot and MUGGY, so my energy level isn't very high.

I'm in declutter mode in the house, and hubby is decluttering out in his shop and yard. He's gotten rid of most of a stack of old stockade fence that we got free once, but never used, and it's just been getting weather-beaten and ruined over the years. It's not good for anything now.

In the house I'm finding a few things to get rid of. So far these things are on their way out:

-A box of assorted puzzle pieces from a bunch of puzzles we had here when my grandchildren were little. I was thinking about altering them and making pins or magnets from the pieces, but as I sat down to start gesso'ing them, I realized I have NO desire to do that project, so I'll recycle the pieces. (They're no good as puzzles now because a pile of them have gesso on them.)

-Sending a stack of coiled magazine paper bowls I made earlier this spring to the Re-Use Shack for other people to take home with them. I got carried away and made WAY too many. They were fun to make, but there's only so many paper bowls a person can use in one house.
A few coiled magazine paper bowls and altered tin cans I had been working on this Spring.
A lot of people are talking about the early signs of Fall we've been seeing lately. Last night hubby and I were sitting outside when a large number of geese flew overhead. I think that's the earliest I've EVER seen geese getting ready to leave for the season. We might be in for a hard winter around here.

Hope everyone enjoys the Labor Day weekend.

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