How to tell if you're a clutterbug

Are you a clutterbug? Has anybody ever complained about you being one, or how would you know if you were?

Here are some ways to tell...

  1. You can never find anything. Do you have a place for everything, and put everything in its place, or do you waste many minutes a day trying to locate something you need? Do you run to the store to buy a duplicate of something that you know is "around here somewhere", but you have no clue where that might be?
  2. You can't work at your desk, craft table, or work bench because there are too many piles of stuff on it. Do you seldom relax with a hobby because you can't face trying to clear a space to work with your hobby supplies? Do you dread trying to pay bills or do other paperwork simply because there isn't one square foot of empty space to work in?
  3. People always ask you if you'd like something they're planning to get rid of. Being a person who never says no to friends and family that want to push stuff on you will make your house fill up with clutter FAST. 
  4. Family members complain. If you hear sighs or see rolling eyes every time you come home with a bag in your hand, you're most likely a clutterbug. If you weren't, most likely nobody in the family would even pay attention to what you were bringing home.
  5. You dread cleaning your house, shop, or wherever. When you dread cleaning a space, it could be because you've got it so jam-packed with stuff that it would require major decluttering before you could even begin to clean.
  6. You don't like to have people over. If you don't like to have people over, and it's not because you're a "hermit", it might be because you're a clutterbug whose stuff is becoming overwhelming.
There are probably other ways to tell if you're a clutterbug, but if you recognize yourself in any of the few I've listed, it might be time to consider doing a little decluttering and organizing to make your life a little easier.

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