It's time for winter decluttering

After a very busy Fall season, the cold and snow has arrived, and I'm spending more time inside, which means it's time for winter decluttering. I like this for two reasons: it's good for having a thinned-out, deep-cleaned house heading into Spring, and it will keep me active through the rest of the winter.

My husband and I haven't put up a big Christmas tree for several years now, and for anybody who might be gasping about that, let me assure you that it's very freeing.

When putting up a tree becomes more of a chore than a pleasure, it's time to give yourself permission not to put one up.

We have a few Christmas lights up outside, and a couple of touches of Christmas inside, and that is plenty. (Of course it helps that we're an empty-nest couple. If you have children still at home, it might be a little more of a challenge to reduce the amount of decorating that you do, but if the amount of work is getting on your nerves, scale back anyway and regain your peace.)

Anyway, the first thing going out of here is an old Christmas wreath that has seen better days. When I hung it up this year, it looked misshapen and worn. It was second hand when we got it, and I decided I won't use it any more. Out it goes.

One of the latest things I've been seeing on Pinterest is a sprig of greens and red berries stuck in a tiny bottle. I like how they look, and made one for myself, but then decided that it was just "one more thing" I needed to find a spot for and to clean around, so I decided to dismantle it for this year. Nothing wrong with changing your mind.

Next on my list is looking through the rest of our Christmas decorations. I've thinned them out a lot over the last few years, but there are some things I don't think we'll use again, so I'll get rid of those too.

Enjoy your Tuesday, and happy decluttering!

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