Out the door in two-oh-one-four

Happy New Year!

It's been an interesting winter here in Vermont so far. We had two ice storms in less than a month, one of them just a few days before Christmas. Many people lost their power and didn't get it back until after Christmas Day.

Then we had the Polar Vortex with severely below-zero temps. That eased up a couple of days ago, and we went right into a January Thaw with temperatures up into the low 50s and lots and LOTS of rain. There's a lot of flooding and ice jams going on, and a lot of people with water in their basements and everywhere else. We're among those people. There's just so much ice everywhere that the water has no place to go but IN.

Now that the house is back to normal after hosting for Christmas, I decided to do another decluttering round. I generally live not too cluttered anyway, but there's always stuff that manages to get into the house, and stuff that's outlived its usefulness here.

Because we have a family member sharing our home at the moment, we have to be mindful of the amount of stuff we have around anyway, since we've lost a chunk of our usual living space to that family member.

I've made a new page (see above) where I'll list the things we're decluttering this year. Hubby is slowly starting to want to thin out more of the stuff that's collected in his shop and backyard too, so I'll add as many of those items to the list as I can too.

Just for fun, my motto is going to be: "Out the door in two-oh-one-four". It was hard to make anything rhyme with 2014.  ;-)

Here are the first items to go out the door.

#1 Christmas wall hanging that Hubby brought home from the recycling center. I didn't want to use it, so will recycle it right back.

#2 Notepads Another item that Hubby brought home from the recycling center. At first I thought I'd use them because you can always use more scrap paper, then I thought, nah--I have enough scrap paper to keep me going for quite awhile, so these can go back to the recycling center for somebody else to take.

 #3 Coiled magazine paper bowls that I made. I make these just for fun and I have too many on hand. These will go to the recycling center so that somebody else can use them if they want to.

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