This weather has me in the mood to do some Spring cleaning and decluttering

Spring isn't here yet in Vermont, but it's getting closer. We've had two or three days in a row this week where the temperature hit 25 degrees or above, so that's an improvement. Today we have lots of sun and 27 degrees, which is enough to give me the urge to do Spring cleaning and decluttering.

I've had some of my houseplants sitting on an old sewing machine cabinet in front of the window in the living room for a few years now. I was always planning to paint the cabinet white, but haven't gotten around to it. I was doing some rearranging in my art area, and it occurred to me that the small table I have in there would make an excellent table for my houseplants. It would also free up some space in my art area, so I put that table in the living room, moved the plants, and will get rid of the sewing machine cabinet.

I love it when I can get rid of something that big. It really opens up the room.

How are you doing? Has the Spring cleaning and decluttering urge hit you yet?

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