15 ways we're preparing for winter

Here in New England big V's of geese are heading South; the squirrels are scampering around, gathering as many acorns and pine cone seeds as they can find, and the rest of us are getting things buttoned up for winter too. We're approaching peak foliage now, which means that the first snowflakes won't be far behind.

Here are some of the ways we're preparing for winter.


  • Clean up the rest of the garden. Put plant containers, flower pots, and garden tools away.
  • Rake the fallen maple leaves and put them on one of the raised garden beds to compost.
  • Roll up the hoses and put them away.
  • Run the rest of the gas out of the lawn mowers and put them in the shed.
  • Check fluids in car and truck. Put blanket in the car just in case of a winter breakdown.
  • Make sure we have plenty of ice-melt and sand for steps and driveway.
  • Get out the snow shovels.
  • Put away the table and chairs that have been on the deck all summer.
  • Ordered keresene to heat DH's shop.


  • Put extra blankets on the bed.
  • Put clear plastic insulation sheets on a couple of drafty windows.
  • Stocked up on supplies for sickness--cough drops, tissues, gingerale and crackers, soup, etc.
  • Ordered vitamins and supplements for the winter.
  • Checked our hats, gloves, mittens, coats, and boots to make sure they're all ready to wear.
  • Making sure there are plenty of non-perishables in our pantry in case of winter power outages.

What are you doing to prepare for winter?

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