What to do with paintings you're tired of looking at

Someone asks...

We have some paintings that we've had hanging for years, and we're tired of looking at them. I don't want to just take them down and stick them in a closet. What do we do with them?

First I'd ask if anybody else in the family might want the paintings. If they don't, you could check online to see how much the artist's work might be worth. If it seems worthwhile, you could bring it to a local gallery and have them handle selling it for you, keeping in mind that it's common for galleries to keep 50% of the commission.

Some people sell paintings on Ebay, but unless you want to go to the expense of having it professionally packed for shipping, it might not be worth it.

You could list the paintings on Craigslist and have the buyer pick it up in person so that you don't have to bother with shipping, or list them on Freecycle if you just want to get them out of your house and don't care if you make any money on them or not.

If you're the type who enjoys yard sales and don't mind keeping the paintings around until you have your next one, you could try selling them that way.

Here's a way to get rid of paintings that probably isn't very common--barter. DH and I did that recently with a painting that we've had hanging in our hallway for a few years.

The painting is by artist Ernest Beach Smith, and is titled, "Bumble Bee-zz And Marigold". Mr. Smith's work was quite popular in the 60s, and his paintings seemed to sell for decent money, but when we checked with a gallery, we found out that his paintings are now hard to sell. At first we thought we'd try selling it on Ebay, but then decided that we'd rather just get it out of the house. One of DH's friends had expressed an interest in it, so we gave the painting to him in exchange for doing some work on DH's truck.


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